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The Psychological Effects of Hyperhidrosis

The Psychological Effects of Hyperhidrosis


What is Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis may not be dangerous, but it can  can have significant consequences on your lifestyle.

Hyperhidrosis is characterised by excessive sweating in various parts of the body and can be incredibly traumatic for those who suffer from it. Excessive sweating while not being detrimental to your health, can lead to sufferers feeling embarrassment and can be a very destructive thing in regards to its impact on a person’s feelings. Various studies have shown that Hyperhidrosis can be even more debilitating than psoriasis, Darier’s disease, vitiligo and severe acne.

New research shows that these effects run far deeper than previously thought

A study undertaken in 2017 by Kamudoni et al. included 71 patients who suffered from hyperhidrosis shows just how a person can be affected. The study found that 69% of the patients said that they experienced emotional trauma caused by the constant worrying, sadness and anger from hyperhidrosis.

Many of the participants expressed that they sometimes felt uncomfortable simply being near others as they were worried about what people may think about their sweating. So much to the point where they avoid touching others, including shaking hands or even sitting down next to them. This extended to the show of physical affection.

Statistics related to patients with Hyperhidrosis

The study says Hyperhidrosis sufferers are far more at risk of developing issues, and research proves that they suffer from decreased confidence levels and a significantly higher rate of depression and anxiety. Patients who have hyperhidrosis have said that it has had a negative effect not only on their social life, but on their sense of well-being and their emotional health.

More information on this study, can be found here.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment From North Western Vascular

You may be feeling like there is no hope for you as a sufferer of hyperhidrosis we are here to tell you that there most certainly is. Dr Roger Bell and our team of experienced health professionals have performed over 1000 life changing procedures and is internationally recognised as one of the leading figures in hyperhidrosis treatment.

Using a simple but effective surgical procedure we can free you from the nightmare of excessive sweating and put you on the road to reducing your underarm sweating.

At North Western Vascular, our team help people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. If you would like to find out more information, or to book in an appointment with Dr Roger Bell, please click here.