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Endovenous laser is minimally invasive and requires no downtime

Endovenous laser is minimally invasive and requires no downtime


What is varicose vein treatment?

We often assume that removal treatment for varicose veins would be costly, and require weeks recuperating in bed.

Many people suffer from varicose veins, but assume that treating the condition will involve more trouble than it’s worth. What many people don’t know is that modern vein treatments have come a long way, and are less invasive than you think.

In the past,  the only treatment option was surgery

The surgery took around one to two-hours under general anaesthesia, and included an incision in the groin and several small cuts to ligate and strip the veins. While not being a complex procedure, it is performed in hospital with an overnight stay and a recovery period of 2 weeks (this can still be the best treatment option in some cases).

These days, lasers have revolutionised varicose vein treatment, as endovenous laser treatment offers the benefits of vein stripping surgery, without the inconvenience of hospital stays.

How is endovenous laser done?

At North Western Vascular in Melbourne, treatment is carried out in our vascular lab under local anaesthetic. The laser fibre is inserted into the vein and the lasers energy is emitted to occlude the treated vein which subsequently shrinks.

Discomfort is minimal and the laser takes less than an hour.

What happens after endovenous laser treatment?

You must follow the instructions from our specialist, Roger Bell on how to care for the treated areas. You will be instructed on immediate care and what to do for the following weeks to ensure smooth recovery.

One week following the procedure, you will be required to have an ultrasound which is bulk billed and return one week following that for a review to check on your progress (included in your treatment cost).

Varicose Vein Treatment from North Western Vascular

With treatment so simple and easy, you could be saying goodbye to your varicose veins in no time. If you would like to find out more information about our treatment options, please contact North Western Vascular today, by click here.